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Recognizing, Managing and Caring for Stress Through Myofascial Release

Meet Wendy Figone

Expert Level Myofascial Therapist

Wendy has traveled around the country gaining expert level certification from John Barnes, the leading authority in myofascial release.  In addition to being an expert level Myofascial Therapist, Wendy is also a Yoga Therapist, Certified Massage Practitioner and meditation teacher. For the past eleven years, Wendy has been volunteering for Wisdom 2.0, studying the effects of technology on the mind and body. She has also been volunteering and practicing meditation at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for the past 20 years. Wendy is a Certified Compassion Ambassador (ACT) through Stanford University and Certified Forest Therapy Guide. Her experience also includes acting as a consultant to The Veterans Administration, Stanford Research, and Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and various schools around the Bay Area.


This unique combination of skills and techniques were learned and practiced along a very personal journey through chronic pain, which lead her into lifestyle medicine practices. Wendy was put on a lifetime path to help others learn skills to decrease and manage chronic pain. Wendy believes how we manage and view stress in our lives strongly impact how we feel in our body.

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