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Being indoors too much, along with long hours on your computer leads to pain and a decreased sense of well-being. Learn self-myofascial release skills and creative ways to use nature as a powerful healing modality.

These techniques will result in fascial release and rehydration. This allows for an increase in motion and treatment of pain. You will feel an increase in mobility right away that plain stretching cannot achieve. As fascia rehydrates, water now becomes available to the body on a cellular level.


Self-myofascial release may be learned
through Wendy's instruction and your continued

practice of these healing self-care techniques.

In Japan, doctors prescribe a mindful walk through nature as a very effective treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, depression and so much more. This practice is called forest bathing, being outdoors while activating your senses.

Combine forest bathing with learning how to release accumulated tension in your body (self-myofascial release- a somatic technique) and you will be surprised how much better you feel immediately.


Somatic ecotherapy is a practice of proactive self-care. Stress drives any pathology, so learn skills to treat stress.

About Wendy &

Her Approach to Wellness

Wendy Figone incorporates a variety of modalities that support clients
in learning how to manage the widespread effects of a technology-driven lifestyle.

Science is finally catching up with the value of myofascial release, recognizing fascia as a new organ in our body. What does that mean and how do we care for this new organ?

Wendy teaches how to recognize, manage and care for stress that accumulates in the body. Any prolonged position or repetitive motion leads to fascial dehydration, lack of mobility, and finally chronic pain. This process often happens subconsciously.

Recent studies show that chronic pain is not a collection of symptoms, but rather a disease of its own right, which responds very well to a collection of modalities that may be learned and skillfully incorporated into a lifestyle.

Physical and emotional pain are deeply intertwined and stored in our bodies. Depression and anxiety are manifestations of chronic pain that respond well to myofascial release, restorative yoga, diaphragmatic breathing, mediation, yoga/exercise, and spending time outdoors (in Japan, this is called forest bathing and is a national health program).  Wendy brings together all these modalities to support her clients.

In addition to being an expert level Myofascial Therapist, Wendy is also a Yoga Therapist, Certified Massage Practitioner, meditation, and breathwork teacher. Spending the past 11 years volunteering for Wisdom 2.0,  she has studied the effects of technology on the mind and body. Volunteering and practicing meditation at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for the past 25 years has led to an ability to translate neuroscience to help clients understand the importance of lifestyle medicine. Wendy is also currently involved in a year-long compassion program with C-Care at Stanford University.

This unique combination of skills and technique was learned and practiced through a very personal journey through chronic pain. As a result of a genetic lung condition, followed by numerous surgeries and a variety of chronic pain treatments (none of which addressed the fascial system), Wendy was put on a lifetime path to help others learn skills to decrease and manage chronic pain.

  • Expert level Myofascial Therapist
  • BS Exercise Nutrition from CSUH
  • Certified Yoga Therapist
 Training & Courses
  • Stanford Compassions Training

  • Esalen Workshops on somatics

  • Dr. Andrew Weil lifestyle medicine skills

  • Forest Bathing Conference

  • Wisdom 2.0 - 11 years

  • SpiritRock Meditation Center - 25 years 

  • Physical Therapy Assistant, Sports medicine

  • Multiple trainings in breathwork, pranayama, and restorative yoga

Speaking & Teaching Engagements
  • San Mateo and Santa Clara County Schools Palo Alto Medical Foundation Fremont, Burlingame, Santa Cruz, and Palo Alto, CA

  • Ravenswood Family Health Center East Palo Alto, CA 

  • Big Panda Mountain View, CA

  • Oracle Redwood City, CA  

  • Veterans Administration Palo Alto, CA

  • Stanford Research Institute Menlo Park, CA  

  • The Nature Talks  Online Conference


Wendy's Healing


Group Live Virtual Sessions

During this hour and a half workshop, you will learn how to identify and release myofascial restrictions using an assortment of techniques and tools.


You'll gain knowledge of the fascial system and skills to reduce tension and pain, along with decreasing your stress level.

Create your own group sessions with your pod or join Wendy's regularly scheduled virtual myofascial release sessions.

One-On-One Sessions

In this hour and a half class, we will identify your own restrictions and develop a personalized regimen for chronic pain relief. Along the way, you will learn tools for self-care. Five consecutive weekly sessions are recommended to learn and reinforce proper self-release techniques.

 Reduce Stress and Increase Immunity

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