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Abundance Within Simplicity

This morning after sitting in my forest hammock, I received pure knowing which I believe was given to me through the sentience and grounding of the forest.

In my white robe I sauntered down to my forest hammock. Cool morning air, shadows on the trees: my elixir to drop down into me. Wearing my white robe in the forest feels so good, it's like my forest spa!

Nobody but me and the squirrels to judge my attire!

At first: BAM! Worries and thoughts tore through me. Then the worries ran their course instead of automatically turning into rumination. I dropped into the peacefulness of forest bathing: What am I noticing around me?

It’s crazy how every time I drop into this liminal space I am greeted with a new experience. Today, I noticed a knothole in a tree that I hadn’t seen before. I stayed with it. I also became curious about a black squirrel and a bird and I thought about this home to forest creatures.

After staying with this experience for what felt like a long time (2 min!?), my eyes drifted up to see more of these interesting holes in the tree. I felt calm melt the tension out of my body as I sustained my attention with the experience.

As I emerged back out of my new sacred forest space, I had a feeling that I may have uncertainty in my life but I have everything that matters. Love, friends, health, and a willingness to grow and receive life lessons, for they are portals to growth. We thrive through growth, struggle is the fuel.

"What is it that makes it so hard sometimes to determine whether we will walk? I believe there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright. It is not indifferent to us which way we walk. There is a right way; but we are very liable from heedlessness and stupidity to take the wrong one." Henry David Thoreau

I am struck by how many people I work with know exactly what they need to do to move forward in life, but this information is discounted and somehow not given proper value or attention. How do we learn to trust and act upon our inner knowing? How do we embody this self trust so it becomes a natural part of our personal operating system? I am learning how to lean into the sentience and stillness of nature as a resource to wisdom that guides me forward in life.

Exercise: “Body as a compass”

Standing in a forest, imagine your body as a compass. Which way does your body want to

move? How do you feel when you move in this direction? I believe this practice reinforces and cultivates a deeper self trust and ability to listen and act upon our gut feelings-pure knowing.

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