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I offer both individual and group forest bathing sessions.  Contact me and we can figure out which one best for your needs.

Before you sign up to work with me, I ask that you please read my terms and conditions and fill out a release form.  Each of those can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Forest Bathing

If you are interested in starting your own forest bathing practice or wellness retreat, visit my store and purchase the book about how to do this. I also offer real time forest bathing sessions (group or personal), virtual forest bathing and overnight retreats. 


Amos Clifford is the founder for ANFT (Association for Nature and Forest Bathing). This short read is all you need to start your own practice.

We all experience heartbreak throughout life in the forms romantic relationships, friendships, familial ties etc.. Florence Williams tells her story of how experiences in nature supported her in healing and personal growth. Love it!

More books to check out 

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